Monday Tech Tip:

Brian Norton, Director of Assistive Technology, at Easterseals Crossroads shows us which is a website that allows a user to enter math problems and see it solved step-by-step so a student can learn the steps to solving the problem. Click here for additional information on

Consumer Highlight: Daniel Mayberry

Daniel Mayberry was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and was in 16 different foster homes growing up. He went to the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis and graduated in 1979. He told me that the foster homes that he was placed in were always hearing families and he often felt very left out. He […]

Monday Tech Tip: Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse

Sarah Neuhoff from Quha Zono USA shows us the Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse. This mouse uses gyroscope technology to detect movement and allow individuals who cannot use an ordinary mouse to access a computer or an Android device. Click here to learn more about the Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse.