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Voice Dream Reader

Many individuals with dyslexia, visual impairments, and more may have difficulty reading text.  Fortunately, apps like Voice Dream Reader are available to help with this task.   Voice Dream Reader is a versatile reading tool for iOS devices.  It features a dyslexia-friendly font, text and audio synchronization, customizable font size, color combinations, and full VoiceOver support.  […]

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Tap & Learn App for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for an educational app for your preschooler, check out Tap & Learn. Tap & Learn is a fun app that allows kiddos to practice the basic skills they need to build a foundation for learning. While using the app, they’ll match, sort, and count in the 30 different minigames.  They’ll have fun […]

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Solve math problems with Mathway app

Solving math problems can be challenging for many students.  Fortunately, there are services like Mathway available to help.  Mathway provides students with the tools they need to understand and solve their math problems.  According to the app’s website, it is the “#1 problem-solving resource available for students, parents, and teachers.” Here’s Mathway’s mission: “Mathway’s long-term […]

GitMind: AI-powered Mind Map

The other day, I wrote about Freeform, which is an app that helps users map out different ideas visually.  Another similar option is GitMind, which is an AI-powered Mind Mapping app. With GitMind mind mapping and brainstorming tool, you can transform your ideas into visually engaging mind maps.  “Harness the power of AI to create […]

ninja focus kids mindfulness app

Ninja Focus: Kids Mindfulness

Many adults often use mindfulness apps to help them relax, focus, and fall asleep; children can also benefit from using mindfulness apps.  Ninja Focus is a mindfulness platform designed specifically for children.   Ninja Focus was designed with the help of child development experts, behavioral pediatricians, yoga instructors, mindfulness experts, parents, and school leaders.  It is […]