Justin Jones working at his computer using JAWS screen reader

Consumer Highlight: Justin Jones

Justin Jones was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Justin’s dad was in the military, and the family moved often. Justin and his family spent a lot of his childhood in Texas, where he eventually graduated high school and went to college. Justin was born with Peters anomaly, which is a genetic disorder of the eye. […]

screenshot of scanning pen

Monday Tech Tip: Scanning Pens Reader 2

During the 2023 ATIA Conference, David Flaherty, US Director of Sales, Scanning Pens, Inc. shows us one of their scanning pen devices that uses AI-based text recognition to scan text and read to a user. The device has many other helpful features for individuals with reading difficulties such as access to dictionary for word comprehension […]

screenshot of laptop using JAWS screen reader with Office 365 Dictate

Monday Tech Tip: Office 365 Dictate Using JAWS Screen Reader

Jim Rinehart, Assistive Technology Specialist, shows us how to use Office 365 Dictate with a screen reader. Check it out here: Click here to learn more about Office 365 Dictate. Click here to learn more about JAWS Screen Reader.

screenshot of Lookout by Google extention logo

Monday Tech Tip: Lookout by Google

Brian Norton, Director of Assistive Technology, at Easterseals Crossroads shows us Lookout for Google, which enables individuals with low vision or blindness to scan food labels and identify them and scan barcodes, read text in documents, identify currency, and provides information about objects using the phone’s camera. Check it out here: Click here to learn […]