Screenshot of Spoken content settings with speak item under pointer as an option

Monday Tech Tip: Mac Computer- Speak item under the pointer

Brian Norton, Director of AT, shows us the speak item under the pointer feature that allows a user to have their Mac computer speak anything that is under the pointer if they hover over it. This feature is helpful for individuals with low vision, reading impairments, or benefit from audio feedback. Check it out here: […]

screenshot of Roland Mattern, Director of Marketing at eSight demonstrating the eSight glasses

Monday Tech Tip: eSight

During the 2023 ATIA conference, Roland Mattern, Director Of Marketing, at eSight showed us eSight, which is a wearable assistive device that helps people with significant central vision loss and legal blindness to increase visual acuity. Check it out here: Click here to learn more about eSight products.  

Justin Jones working at his computer using JAWS screen reader

Consumer Highlight: Justin Jones

Justin Jones was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Justin’s dad was in the military, and the family moved often. Justin and his family spent a lot of his childhood in Texas, where he eventually graduated high school and went to college. Justin was born with Peters anomaly, which is a genetic disorder of the eye. […]