Justin Jones working at his computer using JAWS screen reader

Consumer Highlight: Justin Jones

Justin Jones was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Justin’s dad was in the military, and the family moved often. Justin and his family spent a lot of his childhood in Texas, where he eventually graduated high school and went to college. Justin was born with Peters anomaly, which is a genetic disorder of the eye. […]

screenshot of a table of Time Timers and Time Timers with Dry Erase Board

Monday Tech Tip: Time Timer Dry Erase Board

During the 2023 ATIA Conference, Courtney Calo, Marketing Coordinator, at Time Timer showed us the Time Timer Dry Erase, which is a smaller version of their Time Timer visual time attached to a dry erase board where tasks and messages can be written on to keep schedules on time. Check it out here: Click here […]