Nessie Assistive Postural Support

Remember my blog or podcast on the P Pod?  If not, in sum it’s a postural support from Inspired by Drive.  The same company offers yet another assistive seating option called Nessie.  Nessie is the “perfect companion for any child in need of assistance with proactive positioning and functional movement.”

Nessie is designed for early intervention and provides assistance with a wide range of positioning options for your child including:

  • Lying on back:
    • Most stable position
    • Supports physical development through strengthening neck, stomach, shoulder and hip flexors
    • Encourages hand/feet exploration and hands to midline
  • Lying on belly (“tummy time”):
    • Supports physical development by strengthening neck, shoulders, arms, and back
    • Important foundation for the transition to sitting via side lying or side sitting
  • Sitting for extended periods of time:
    • Important as it encourages head control, maintaining the midline, and reaching for toys
    • Nessie’s carefully crafted bumps encourage transverse weight bearing through arms and shoulders
  • Laying on side:
    • Encourages hands together and lifting head against gravity
    • Beginning of pushing up into sitting
  • Sitting on the side:
    • Improves shoulder girdle development
    • Encourages child to “cross midline” (e.g. twist around)
  • Crawling on all fours:
    • The crawling position encourages development of shoulder and pelvic girdle and hip joint development
  • Straddle sitting:
    • This can be the most challenging position but supports both cognitive and sensory development
    • Encourages weight bearing through feet, knees, and hips

The seat can be used while working with a physical therapist or at home.  Children will look forward to sitting with Nessie because of its fun and engaging appearance.

Features of Nessie:

  • Manufactured from a comfortable, flexible, low-density foam molding specifically shaped and designed to give “effective positional control during hands-on therapy and relaxed fun time.”
  • Available in small, medium, and large
  • Comes in three different colors:
    • Pool Blue
    • Seahorse Green
    • Mermaid Pink
  • Cover is completely removable for easy cleaning

Click here for more information on this postural support.