Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Open House

UbiDuo, taken from sComm's website
UbiDuo, taken from sComm's website

It was recently announced through an article in DeafTimes that Sam’s Club has decided to provide the UbiDuo, a device produced by sComm, in its stores so that the Deaf community can converse with the company’s employees.  It allows Deaf persons and hearing persons to communicate through two displays and two keyboards.  These wireless, portable devices allow people to converse on the fly without having to contact an interpreter.

So, what’s behind the odd name “UbiDuo?” Here is a quote from the manufacturer’s website:

The name stems from the words “ubiquitous” and “duo” – ubiquitous because our desire is to see the device become available everywhere so that every deaf and hard of hearing person can have the opportunity to experience its benefits, and duo because one unit is comprised of two halves which enables two people to have a face-to-face conversation.

Even though Sam’s Club is not selling the device, it is important to note their recognition of how people who can not hear still need the products that people who can hear need, such as groceries and electronics.  Sam’s Club has taken a step in understanding the importance of independence in a person’s life.  Do you have any interesting stories on how you have battled with gaining or losing independence? INDATA would like to hear your story!

If you would like more information about the UbiDuo, read the article from DeafTimes and attend the free open house Thursday, September 3rd from 8am to 11am at Sam’s Club, 7235 East 96th Street.  INDATA members Sara Croft and Carol Girt will be there!

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