Microsoft Accessibility 101

Training on Microsoft accessibility was held last friday at Easter Seals Crossroads.  Carol Girt, loan library specialist for the INDATA project, conducted the training.

Viewing Accessibility Wizard on XP
Viewing Accessibility Wizard on XP

To open the accessibility wizard in XP:

1.  Click on your START menu





The wizard will walk you through the steps in helping you determine how to alter your computer to fit your need.  Features included are magnifiers, screen contrast, cursor speed, and many others.  These built-in accessibility work as modifications to the operating system, but are not to be confused with programs that you might buy, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Open Book or Zoom Text.

To open Ease of Access in Windows Vista:

1.  Click on your START menu

2.  Open the CONTROL PANEL

3.  Click on EASE OF ACCESS

If your speakers are on you will notice that the program will automatcally recite the text in the window.  If you are not sure what features might help you, click on the “get recommendation” link.  You will be prompted with questions that Windows Vista will use to determine what might help you.

If you are interested in learning about these features in Windows XP and Vista, contact Carol Girt at  for the date of the next MARC training.  These are given quarterly at Easter Seals Crossroads in the fourth floor conference room.

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