Keeping Indiana Green, One Computer at a Time

Everyone is trying to be environmentally friendly these days.  “Green” options are everywhere, meaning people can choose to switch to energy saving light bulbs, print less paper at work, or take part in recycling efforts.  Here at INDATA, our green efforts come from the refurbished computer program.  The process is quite simple: Businesses, other non-profits, and even individuals donate their computers to INDATA and we give them out to Indiana citizens who have a disability at no charge!

Image of A Recent Donated Computer Shipment
Image of A Recent Donated Computer Shipment

The only requirements for donated computers are that it must be Windows XP- or Vista-compatible and at a minimum have a Pentium 4 processor.

Once you donate your computer to INDATA, we take off all data and reinstall Windows as well as Microsoft Office.  So far we have distributed about 150 computers this year! That number has risen significantly from  35 in 2008.  However, supply does not meet demand.  We are constantly looking for donated computers as the waiting list continues to grow.

The individuals that receive these computers could not be more grateful as the computer allows them to live more independently and achieve goals that would otherwise be out of reach.  Laptops are extremely useful, as many of these individuals are enrolled in school and need a portable computer.  Why recycle your computer for scrap when you could make a difference in an individual’s life? For more information, please contact Mike Garberg at


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