Accessing the INDATA Loan Library

One of the most popular questions we receive at INDATA is “How do I get to the loan library?”  While the library is physically located at Easter Seals Crossroads, the information is stored on the online database.

To access the loan library:

1.  Visit by typing the address in the address bar of your browser.

2.  On the left side of the screen under the title “Do you need equipment?” is a link that says AT Equipment Loan Library. Click on that link.

3.  The page that loads has an image of assistive technology as well as information regarding how the library works.  Under the image is a link that says “Click here for our new online equipment loan system.”  Click on that link.

4.  You will be redirected to the loan library web page!  Here’s an image of what you should see:

Loan Library Home Page
Loan Library Home Page

Okay, so you’ve made it to the loan library. What now?

First things first, if you plan on using the loan library services, you need to create a log-in so that the database can remember your information.  Click on “Request a New Account” which is located on the left side of the home page.  You will be directed to a page that asks you for information such as name, address and phone number.  INDATA needs this information to make sure that you are a resident of Indiana and so that we know who and where to get the equipment to!  After you fill out all of the required fields and agree to the terms of service at the bottom of the page, click on “Create Account.”  You will soon receive an email that confirms your new account.  Once that has happened, go back to the Loan Library site and log-in.

Now you can search for assistive technology devices that the INDATA library loans to people in Indiana.

There are two ways to search for items in the database.  If you know the name of the device you are looking for, you can enter it in the “Item Search” field and you will be prompted with a page similar to the image below, which will show all items that are available or match the description you searched for.  If you don’t know what you are looking for but would like to browse devices in a particular category, you can go to the drop-down bar titled “All Categories” and search there.

Let’s say you’re looking for a particular device.  Type the name of the device into the “Item Search” bar and click on “Search.”   If the library contains the device you are looking for, then you will see a list of items on the screen. For an example, I searched for “Vanguard Vantage.”  Here is an image of what came up on the screen:

Image of Search for Vaguard Vantage on Loan Library Site
Image of Search for Vaguard Vantage on Loan Library Site

Here you can see the results page which shows that the loan library does have the Vanguard Vantage.  You can read a description of the device and see a picture of it as well.  On the page you will also notice that the item has been requested by an individual because it says “pending approval.”  You can still request the device for loan.

If you click on the name of the device in the results page, you will see the information that pertains to that device.  Here is what happens when I click on “Vanguard Vantage:”

Vanguard Vantage Info in Loan Library
Vanguard Vantage Info in Loan Library

I can read all of the information about the device and even access the manufacturer’s Web site.  It tells me that the item is currently out on loan.  However, we can still request the item.  If you are logged-in to the site, you will have an option at the bottom of the page that says “request loan.” You will be asked to identify why you are requesting the loan.  Once it is requested, you will receive an email confirmation.

If the device is available, Carol Girt or Steve Carter, our loan librarians, will then get in contact with you through the information you provided in your library account and discuss ways to get the device to you.  If the device is out on loan, you will be contacted when you can obtain the device.

If you have other questions on this process, please email Carol at or call 888-466-1314.


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