National Aging-in-Place Week

Image of woman's hands at 87 years
Image of woman's hands at 87 years

October 12-18 is National Aging-in-Place Week.  The National Aging-in-Place Council has two objectives for this week:

Build lasting coalitions of allied business professionals in communities across the U.S. to assist homeowners with pursuing their long-term care needs, and

Organize educational activities to highlight home and community-based services and products—including healthcare, transportation and housing—that enable seniors to successfully age in place.

Easter Seals Crossroads works year-round to build activities and provide information on how seniors can age in place. A recent brochure from the INDATA project titled “Continuing Independent Living: Assistive Technology and Aids for Daily Living” was published and describes the different kinds of assistive technology that can be useful to the aging community.

Click here for a PDF version of the Continuing Independent Living brochure.  The last page has a list of Indiana assistive technology vendors and aging resources.  If you would like hard copies, email Sara Croft at

Now that you know what we are doing for National Aging-in-Place week, it’s time for you to share your events and ideas!