Assistive Technology Alerts People with Hearing Loss

How does someone with hearing loss get up on time for work or school if they can’t hear an alarm clock?  How do they know when the phone rings or when someone is at their front door?  Hearing loss can be frightening as well as frustrating.  Thanks to assistive technology, numerous options exist for these exact situations.

Companies like Clarity provide a line of products called AlertMaster.  AlertMaster AM 6000 utilizes flashing LED icons and bed shakers.  The LED icons flash in a specific pattern and can signify when the phone rings or an alarm goes off; they monitor motion, loud noises, and the sound of a baby crying.  A bed shaker is an additional accessory that can be placed under a mattress or pillow to stimulate powerful vibrations to awaken its user.  Additional accessories are available to warn consumers about carbon monoxide and fire.

Two Alert Master products
Two AlertMaster products

Let’s suppose you don’t need all of those alerts, but just want one or two for your home.  AlertMaster also offers products for specific notifications.   For example, The AlertMaster AMDXTM Door Announcer notifies you when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell.  The AlertMaster AMBXTM Baby Monitor triggers an alert after five seconds of sound from a monitor placed near an infant.  Sonic Alert makes a Sonic Bomb alarm clock that includes flashing lights and a super strong bed shaker.  What’s unique about this product, is that not only can you regulate the volume, but you can adjust the tone as well.  Sonic Alert also offers a similar alarm called Sonic Boom Sweetheart that’s a pink heart-shaped clock with multi-color digital display!

Hearmore offers an alert kit designed to notify consumers about the weather and emergencies.  Its color coded alert lights warn about emergencies such as child abduction, contagious disease, hazardous material warnings, and more.  It includes a jack for a strobe light or pillow vibrator and has a powerful alert tone.

Here’s the best part about all of this equipment: it’s available for loan right here with INDATA!  Just visit the Assistive Technology Equipment Loan Library and sign up to borrow any of the tools available for 30 days.  It’s a free service that gives you a chance to test AT equipment before committing to buy anything.  Learn more about the AT library and set up an account here, or email questions to Carol Girt at

Have you or a loved one used any of the alert systems mentioned above?  Tell us about your experience!  E-mail me at

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