E-reader Follow-up: enTourage eDGe

In our recent post about e-readers, we covered a handful of the latest e-book readers in the marketplace today.  I discovered another e-reader that I felt could not be ignored: the enTourage eDGe.

This device is along the same vein as Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Spring Design’s Alex in that it is a dual screen e-reader.  Unlike like those two, the eDGE unfolds like a book, whereas the Nook and Alex are a split screen.  Not only can you download e-books, you can also take digital notes with a stylus, watch movies, listen to music, send email, and more.  Let’s see how accessible it is:

enTourage eDGe e-reader
enTourage eDGe e-reader
  • Weighing in at under 3 lbs to make it very portable
  • Removable battery lasts up to 16 hours on one charge
  • Virtual keyboard with bluetooth option for external keyboard
  • Can flip to either landscape or portrait view for comfortable use
  • E-ink technology prevents glare on screen

enTourage eDGe does not include Text to Speech, but their website claims that they are working on it.  Curious to see more?  I was!  Gearlog has several detailed photos of eDGe.  If you’re wanting to invest in this particular device, you can pre-order one for February for $490.

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