Assistive Technology has Something for Everyone

Assistive technology comes in many shapes and sizes.  It can be high tech computer software, or very low tech tools, such as a magnifying glass.  These items are not restricted to any one group; all kinds of people can gain independence from using assistive technology.  There are technologies that can help with hearing loss, mobility challenges, learning difficulties, vision loss, and communication.  These items are available for the young and aging, whether you have a severe disability or just need a little extra help.  I know that I myself take advantage of eyeglasses for my poor vision, and am not afraid to admit that I use a jar gripper from time to time!

Here at the Assistive Technology Department at Easter Seals Crossroads, we are anxious to meet the needs of those who could use these tools in Indiana; that’s what the INDATA Project is all about!  I’ve gathered several of our blog posts together and organized them by category, so you can click on the link that interests you and learn more information.  Explore the many options mentioned below, and you may discover that you or someone you know could benefit from assistive technology.

Vision Loss

PACmate, a portable Braille display
Braille Display

Hearing Loss

Mobility Impairment

Communication Difficulty

Learning Disability

Sarah wrties with the LiveScribe Pulse Pen
LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen

These are a mere handful of examples compared the amount of assistive technology that exists today.  If you didn’t see anything that relates to you, be sure to perform a search at our INDATA Loan Library to find the right equipment for your needs.

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  1. Please can I use the Braille display image for my article on ‘Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired and the Blind’? The article is set to be published online on the Suite101 website.


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