Product Review: Trekker Breeze

Trekker Breeze
Trekker Breeze

Imagine that you are on vacation, visiting a city that you’ve never been to.  You want to leave your hotel and walk around to the local shops and restaurants.  You’re not sure where to go or what to do, but you want to make it an adventure.  And –  you’re blind.

Most people might think that it would be impossible for someone who is blind to navigate around familiar buildings or public areas, let alone places that they have never been before.  Yet advances in technology have allowed for people with disabilities to enhance their independence.

Enter the Trekker Breeze, a GPS system from Humanware.  Breeze can tell you what the street names are at an intersection, how large the intersection is, and names of businesses.  For instance, if you are on a bus, Breeze will tell you what the intersections are when you reach them so you know when it is your stop.

You can also record your own landmarks into the Breeze for routes you take often.  Maybe you want to make a note that there is a bench at an intersection or where bus stops are.

Breeze weighs only 7 ounces and is small enough to fit in your pocket.  It has a built-in speaker with volume adjustment and eight hours of battery life.

Humanware has a great demonstration video that shows a person using the product.   Would you like to get your hands on this device?  Check it out from the INDATA loan library or contact Carol Girt ( or 888-466-1314) for a device demonstration!

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