Indy Connect – Public Transportation Meetings

Indy Connect calls themselves “Central Indiana’s Transportation Initiative” because they are striving to provide useful public transportation for the city of Indianapolis.Traffic Image

For some, driving a car is the preferred way to get around town. However, many people (probably more than you think) do not have that option because they either can’t afford it or their disability prevents them from being able to drive.

If you were in this situation, how would you get to work, the grocery store, the movies or go out with friends?

Indy Connect is putting together a plan, with your help, that could forever change the way public transportation is viewed and used in Indianapolis.

Parts of this plan include:

  • An in-street light rail on or near Washington street that would allow you to travel east and west with ease
  • A commuter train service that would run from Greenwood to Fishers with multiple stops in between
  • Expanded existing roadways
  • Increased bus routes
  • An improved bike and pedestrian system

Planning for this new transportation system is underway, but Indy Connect is seeking your opinion.  You can attend any one of the February and March meetings or view this (non-captioned) video on Indy Connect’s Facebook Page which visually explains why and where improved transportation is needed.

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