Empowering People with Partners in Policymaking

Hand with a smile drawn on it

If you aren’t satisfied with how things are run in your community, the best way to change a policy is to get educated and involved!  This year, consider applying for Partners in Policymaking Academy.  It’s an eight month long training for people with disabilities (or parents of children with disabilities) to learn about the procedures in policymaking.

Starting in October, the class meets one weekend a month to learn about the history of independent living, IDEA, State and local policy, best practices, and more.  All traveling costs including airfare, hotel rooms, and child care is covered by the program.  Its main objective is to teach leadership skills and techniques for building connections with school personnel, elected officials, and anyone else who makes policies that affect the lives of people with disabilities.  The class of 35 participants graduates in May.

The deadline for this year’s application is June 4 2010.  Space is limited, and this course is only offered every other year, so register today to make a difference!