Indiana Center for Accessible Materials

Girls using a laptop, photo credited to ICAM

The Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM) is an online project managed by the Office of the Associate Superintendent, the Indiana Department of Education.  This project’s mission is to team up with educational facilities to provide accessible formats for students with print disabilities.  Some of its services include:

  • Serving as a state repository for textbooks and instructional material in specialized formats
  • Providing accessible materials to local educational agencies in a timely matter
  • Providing training to educational agencies on accessible technology

The ICAM website is a great resource of information.  They have training materials in the form of podcasts, videos, and written tutorials.  All of the necessary forms you might need for their services are available to download and print.  You can do a library search on their website to see who carries accessible formats (they even tell you if they’re free or fee based).  They also have a page with definitions to important terms that you might not be familiar with, like NIMAS.

To gain ICAM access for your school district, get in touch with your local PATINS Regional Site Coordinator.

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