CICOA Provides Weekend Meals for Homebound Seniors

Hands at 87 Years
Hands at 87 Years

INDATA congratulates CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions for receiving a $70,000 grant from the Indianapolis Retirement Home Fund (IRH Fund), a CICF Fund, to provide weekend meals for 240 vulnerable homebound seniors.  The grant was made possible by the Elders at the Table project (EAT), which improves the fragmented food provision system for seniors in central Indiana.

CICOA’s nutrition program, Meals and More, serves more than a half-million meals annually to seniors who are predominately homebound, have difficulty with access to food or are at risk of institutionalized care. In addition to providing hot, nutritious meals each weekday, in the past CICOA also offered the option of receiving two frozen meals, which clients could reheat as needed on weekends.

Because of funding cuts, CICOA discontinued weekend meal delivery in February 2010. The IRH Fund grant will enable CICOA to reinstate weekend meals beginning July 1.

“This client population is among the most vulnerable,” said CICOA President and CEO Orion H. Bell IV.  “Many have serious health and mobility issues which prevent them from supplying food on their own.  We are grateful for partners like the Indianapolis Retirement Home Fund that promote quality of life for older adults in central Indiana.”

For the May 2010 grant round, The Indianapolis Retirement Home Fund awarded $207,000 in grants to six organizations including CICOA. The Indianapolis Retirement Home Fund financially supports programs and services that promote overall good health and wellness, ensure that the basic needs of the low-income are met, enable older adults to reside in the environments of their choice, and provide life-affirming opportunities.

Learn more about CICOA on their web site or visit them on Facebook.

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