Indiana University Helps Students with Disabilities Succeed

Indiana University
Indiana University

The Indiana University School of Continuing Studies (SCS) distance education program offers opportunities for people with disabilities to further their education outside a traditional classroom.  The distance-learning program helps students to achieve their high school or higher education academic goals through online courses and one-on-one support from instructors and staff.

SCS offers:

  • Two general studies undergraduate degrees
  • One adult education graduate degree
  • More than 195 university and more than 100 high school courses
  • A high school diploma
  • Professional development

“Our program is perfect for individuals who may not want to, be able to, or work best in a classroom environment to work in their own environment at their own pace. We allow an entire year to complete a course, where most universities are strictly on a semester timeline.”

–Eileen Balliet, SCS disabilities coordinator

The distance education program also offers the following accommodations: a reader and/or scribe, audiotaped or enlarged-print exams, adaptive hardware and software, and more.

To learn more about this program, visit the Indiana University School of Continuing Studies website or contact Eileen Balliet at (800) 334-1011 or