Building Pathways to Empowerment & Self Advocates of Indiana Statewide Trainings

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An important component of The Arc of Indiana’s Building Pathways to Empowerment Campaign is involving families and self-advocates throughout the state in the effort to change and improve programs and services for people with developmental disabilities. Become a part of this important effort and attend a local training in your area.

In addition, Self-Advocates of Indiana is hosting trainings focused on self-advocacy throughout the state. Self-Advocates who attend these trainings are more than welcome to also attend the Pathways trainings, which will be held on the same day and at the same location. The following lists provides locations, date, and times for the trainings:

Wednesday, July 28
Columbia City
Passages, Board Room
107 N. Walnut Street
SAI Training 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Pathways Training 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Tuesday, August 3
19670 S.R. 120
SAI Training 2 – 4 pm
Pathways Training 5 – 7:30 pm

Thursday, July 29
Batesville Memorial Library
131 North Walnut Street
SAI Training 1 – 3 pm
Pathways Training 6 – 8:30 pm

Wednesday, August 4

CDC Resources
1320 E. Angelica
SAI Training 1-3
Pathways Training 4-6:30

Monday, August 2
New Albany
Rauch Fairmont Neighborhood Center
2525 Charlestown Road
SAI Training 3 – 5 pm
Pathways Training 5:30 – 8 pm

Wednesday, August 18
Eykamp Scout Center
3501 E. Lloyd Expressway
SAI Training 3:30 – 5:30
Pathways Training 6 – 8:30 pm