Blind with Camera School of Photography


When we think of blind, sometimes many people think of the word “darkness.”  Our cultural emphasis on this thought can make it very difficult for us to imagine life without sight.

Photography can also be something that many individuals believe is a task that requires sight.  Blind with Camera School of Photography is a virtual school where people with visual impairments are able to learn the art of photography.  The school also spreads awareness among the general public about the challenges of living life with a visual impairment and their sensory substitution.

Blind with Camera School of Photography is a non-profit organization where they also aim to create a global community where people with visual impairment can learn, enjoy the art of photography, provide a platform to showcase their images to the sighted community, and inspire change in the society.

Curriculum of the school focuses on creating first time visually impaired photographers, help to make them believe they can take pictures, guide they how to handle a camera, take them through step-by-step tutorials on how to take pictures, how to use alternative techniques and to overcome creative challenges.

Click Here to find more information about the Blind with Camera Project.

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