Google Scribe – Word Prediction Tool

Do you have difficulty typing on a keyboard? Whether you are struggling to type at a fast speed or are simply looking for a shortcut, consider trying out Google Scribe.  Google Scribe is a word prediction tool, which means it can predict the word you are typing as you type it into the field on the website.  This tool uses similar technology to Dragon Naturally Speaking, however instead of predicting words as you dictate, Google Scribe predicts as you type.

To try out Google Scribe, visit their website and enter text in the provided field.  Here is an example of how the program predicted what word I was typing:

Google Scribe Test
Google Scribe Test

As I typed “sen,” the program starts a drop down box with a list of words I may by typing.  To select a word from the list, I could use my down arrow to scroll through the list and hit ENTER to select a word, or I could press the number to select that word or phrase.  As of now, Google Scribe only predicts words typed in English. You can download the Google Scribe extension for the Chrome browser so that you can use this tool in all webpages.

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