Google Voice App Available for iPhone

Google Voice screen captureApple has just released The Google Voice HTML 5 web app for the iPhone. Google Voice, which is also available for Blackberry and Android smart phones, is a program that gives people full control over the functions of their phones. The app can be operated without regard to your specific wireless carrier. While it is not expressly designed as an assistive technology tool, Google Voice has a number of features that are universally accessible.

The Google Voice app gives you the ability to receive calls to all of your phones through one phone number. This gives you the ability to control which calls go where depending on the time of day or the person who is calling. The app also allows you to send and receive free text messages through email, easily block unwanted callers, screen calls, make international calls for pennies per minute, share voicemails with outside parties through email, and  make conference calls.

The particular feature of Google Voice that eases accessibility for people who are hard of hearing is the transcription feature. In circumstances where it may be difficult or impossible to listen to voicemail messages, Google Voice’s voicemail transcription automatically records a message and sends a transcript of that message via text message and/or email.

The Google Voice app for the iPhone is free and available for download at the iTunes Store.

For more information, view captioned videos on The Google Voice website.

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