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Big Button iPod Remote
Big Button iPod Remote

The holiday season is fast approaching! Shopping for friends and family can be challenging in general, but when our loved ones are in need of gifts that are adapted to their specific needs, the search for the perfect present becomes even more of a challenge. Luckily, RJ Cooper has made this potential headache a much easier, more pleasant experience by providing an array of assistive technology products, many of which would be the perfect present.

Cooper’s company, RJ Cooper and Associates, is based in Laguna Niguel, CA. The company manufactures and supplies consumers with special software and hardware products for persons with special needs. This holiday season, Cooper has a number of picks that are sure to be popular gifts and are currently available for order on his website. These gifts include Guitar Hero guitars, Switch-Adapted MP3 players, Switch-Adapted Digital Cameras, Big Button iPod Remotes, Game Controllers and Adaptations, everything one might need for the iPad, and for college students, Switch-Adapted Voice Recorders

All of these gifts are great ideas that are designed to be easy to use for individuals who have disabilities that may affect their vision, dexterity, etc. In addition to the items listed above, Cooper’s website features tons of items that could be great gift ideas for the holiday season!

Be sure to check the site frequently, as Cooper will be introducing several new items as the holiday season draws nearer.

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