5 Productivity Apps for Work and School

At INDATA, we are constantly coming up with ways to help people work, read or do something easier and faster.  We’ve found some new app’s to hit the Apple market that may assist you in getting more done in a shorter amount of time.

Dragon Search
Dragon Search

Dragon Search (FREE) –  Download Dragon Search and search keywords on Youtube, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter and iTunes just by using your voice.  Download the app, tap it, and say the name of a word or phrase you would like to search.  Dragon Speech instantly uses speech recognition technology to search Google and the other sites for that word or phrase.  This app is similar to Dragon Naturally Speaking, a software program that lets you operate your entire computer with your voice.

Awesome Note ($3.99) – Are you one of those people who is constantly coming up with ideas, but you cannot seem to remember them after the fact? Awesome Note is the app for you.  Quickly jot down your ideas, thoughts and memos into the app, then categorize them, schedule them and order your notes by level of importance. The bright colors and easy to read text allows you to skim the app quickly to find what note you are looking for.

GoodReader ($2.99) – This PDF and .txt reader is perfect for the reader on-the-go.  Highlight important keywords or sentences, add sticky notes and annotations, or use your finger to write and draw on top of the document you are reading.  Use the “text search” feature to find a keyword you are looking for, and use the 50% zoom to give you a better view of the document without distorting its image.  It currently is available for iPad and iPhone.

eWallet (FREE) – How hard is it to keep track of all the usernames and passwords for your social networks, emails or website log-ins? With eWallet you can store all of your password information in one place over a strong, secure connection that will time-out to keep your info safe.  Purchase the Lite version for free and store up to 10 passwords, or pay $9.99 for unlimited access.

aTimeLogger (FREE) – Need a way to track the amount of time you spend on particular tasks? aTimeLogger is a robust stopwatch that lets you create activities (such as studying, walking or eating) so you can record or monitor your time spent on those tasks or projects over a day, week, month or year. This app is great for those who focus better when they see how much time they have left on activities.

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