CreateAbility Concepts, Inc. Offers Solutions That Promote Independent Living for Individuals with Disabilities

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CreateAbility Concepts, Inc. is a company that develops assistive technology to help people with disabilities in vocational, educational and independent living settings. The organization’s goal is to create ability by focusing on what the individual can do, and developing support where they need it.

CreateAbility offers many products and services that aim to give individuals with disabilities a life of independence. One such product is the SafetyNet sensor system. SafetyNet is a network of small intelligent sensors that enable supported independence and safety for people with cognitive disabilities. The system empowers people to live independently, without the risk of injury. For example the system is designed to detect the status of specific factors in the environment and then dynamically adjust the delivery of task prompts to properly coach the individual on these factors.

For example, if a person with cognitive disability were to leave the space heater on, they would hear a prompt through speakers in the house or their cell phone which would tell them the proper steps to take in making sure all major appliances are turned off allowing them to leave the house without worry. Additionally, the sensor/prompt system can let an individual know if they have left lights on, left water running, or if they have forgotten to take their medication. The prompts can be edited as often or as infrequently as is necessary; additionally, the prompts can be programed to be delivered in the individuals own voice as to provide them with instructions in a voice that is respectful and  non-invasive. With SafetyNet, activities of daily living can be accomplished without assistance and without compromising safety.

It is the vision of CreateAbility Concepts, Inc. that people with special needs will be able to independently perform more tasks at work, home, school and typical activities of daily living because of the technology the company delivers.

For more information on the SafetyNet system or any product provided by CreateAbility contact Stephen Sutter at or visit the CreateAbility website.

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