SureHands Lift and Care Systems for Independent Living


For individuals with limited mobility, every moment of every day can be a struggle. Whether you are trying to  make it downstairs to eat breakfast, get into the bathroom to prepare for the day, or get into bed at night, certain tasks can be extremely difficult or even impossible if you are incapable walking or have other mobility limitations. It is true that some are able to have greater mobility with the help of friends, family, or hired caretakers, but not being able to do so independently can be especially disheartening, frustrating, or even humiliating. Thankfully, SureHands is a company that aims to ameliorate the burden of dependent or limited mobility.

SureHands Lift and Care Systems offers a number of patient lift solutions that that can be used with an attendant or independently. They have developed a number of  innovative  lift systems that offer a variety of options to help individuals who are physically-challenged.

The custom systems that  help people access the bed, bath, shower or toilet can also help in changing clothes, catheterization, standing and ambulation, taking a swim or even mounting a horse. With the SureHands Lift and Care System people with mobility limitations are given the opportunity to regain some independence  and ultimately, they are given the opportunity to regain their dignity.

SureHands recognizes the unique requirements of the population they serve, thus they offer  popular solutions  for both homecare and professional consumers. They able to meet the need for a practical and innovative approach to safe patient care or self care.  SureHands offers many differnet solutions including, Wall-to-Wall lift systems, free standing rail systems, mobile lifts, ceiling lifts, pool lifts, frictionless slides, body support, slings, and spreader bars for correct suspension.

SureHands has found a way to offer effective and innovative solutions to individuals who may have found themselves otherwise detached from the world, home-bound, and immobile. For more information about the SureHands Lift and Care Systems, visit their websites for either Home Use or Professional Use.