The Daily for the iPad

The Daily for the iPad
The Daily for the iPad

Rumor has it that News Corporation CEO and philanthropist Rupert Murdoch has lent his support and money to a fantastic assisstive technology tool! Well, while that might not be inherently true, Murdoch has spent a great deal of time and money helping create and produce The Daily, an interactive newspaper, for the Apple iPad. Although not expressly an AT tool, The Daily offers individuals with dexterity or cognitive disabilities the chance to access breaking news, sports, pop culture, entertainment, apps, games, technology, opinion, celebrity gossip and more, easily and effectively.

The Daily – the first digital news publication with original content created every day exclusively for the iPad. The app has the depth and quality of a magazine but is delivered daily like a newspaper and updated in real-time like the web.  Great stories, photos, video, audio and graphics come alive the more you touch, swipe, tap and explore.

The Daily includes:
• Over 100 pages of original content every single day of the year
• Original HD videos
• 360-degree photos you can explore by swiping
• Immersive photography
• Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable hot spots
• Saving articles to read later
• Sharing Web-friendly versions of articles via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail
• Your favorite sports teams’ scores, news and photos
• In-app commenting — including audio comments
• Your local weather
• New crossword and sudoku puzzles every day

How is The Daily a  great tool for individuals with disabilities?  Well, this  app for the iPad allows individuals who have issues with dexterity, and would otherwise find it difficulty or impossible to flip through a traditional print paper, the opportunity to get up-to-date news quickly and easily. In addition, The Daily has graphics and voice options that are helpful for individuals who need more visual and audio support versus struggling to read the words on a page. The Daily is a great interactive tool that will prove to be a great addition to the assistive technology community!

For more information, visit the Apple Product Description page for The Daily.