New Tobi PCEye Computer Eye Control Device

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Tobii Logo

For individuals with disabilities that affect their mobility and dexterity, computer use is a difficult task. Navigating a screen with a standard mouse or typing with a keyboard can be an arduous or even an impossible undertaking.

Tobii, the world’s leading vendor of eye tracking and eye control devices, with offices in the United States, Germany, Norway, Japan and China, has worked to develop and perfect eye tracking technology that makes hand-free computer navigation possible for individuals with physcial disabilities. This widely used  technology  makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking.

Tobii  has released the Tobii PCEye, an advanced stand-alone eye-control device for the standard computer. The PCEye is easy to use, highly accurate, and portable, and is compatible with a wide range of software for total access to any personal computer.

Tobii PCEye translates eye movement to a mouse cursor on a screen. It is primarily designed for those needing an alternative method for controlling a mouse and a computer, for example, individuals with impaired motor skills. By simply attaching the device to a computer screen and connecting the USB cable, users can control their computer through gazing, blinking, or dwelling on an item with their eyes.

Tobii PCEye offers eye tracking to a wider range of users, as it can effectively track nearly every user regardless of eye color, lighting conditions, environment, or head movement. The “track box,” the box that defines the area/volume in which a person’s eyes can be tracked, is also one of the largest on the market.

For more information, call (800) 793-9227 or visit the Tobii website.

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