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Access to your medical records is important.   Having health histories, medication lists and current dosages, records of past treatments and immunizations and related information available during regularly-scheduled doctor’s appointments are critical.  Having access to that information during emergencies is even more important.

I have recently become aware of two services, Google Health and Road ID, that might assist individuals with, or without, disabilities have better access to these vital records.   Google Health is a free-online medical record storage and retrieval system.  Road ID is a paid solution that combines medical alert jewelry with an online data management system.

Google health ( is a free system that allows you to upload, update and access your health records at any time.  All you need to use this system is access to the internet and a Google account (free).  Google health keeps track of the following items:

–          Wellness

–          Health problems

–          Medications

–          Allergies

–          Test results

–          Procedures

–          Immunizations

–          Files

In addition to storing your records, Google Health also allows you to grant access to your health records to other people.  This is useful for people who are responsible for the health care of friends or family members as well as a useful way to allow your health care provider access to your records.

Although not a HIPPA covered product, their privacy practices are readily available for review at the following web address:

Road ID  (  was originally developed for cyclists and other athletes to ensure that their detailed health information was immediately available in the event of an emergency.  This system combines a traditional medical alert bracelet, necklace or other item of jewelry with a web-based and telephone system.  When a user signs up for the Road ID system, they order an engraved medical alert jewelry item that includes basic medical information as well as contact information for their primary emergency contact.  Additionally, users enter detailed medical information (medications, allergies, physician contacts, medical history, etc.) into a web site.  Each medical alert jewelry item includes a serial number and personal identification number.  In the event of an emergency, medical professionals can either call a telephone number or visit, enter the serial number and PIN and listen to a computer voice reading your medical information or read the information from the web site.  The information on your Road ID profile can be updated at any time which ensures that the most recent information is available in the event of an emergency.

-Wade Wingler, 2011

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