Eye Tracking Technology Allows for Effective Communication for People with Paralysis

Image from EyeComCorp.com

Researchers at Eye-Com have created a wearable device, the EC7T, that can detect eye movement and turn it into an effective tool for communication. The device uses infrared light sensors to detect the location of the user’s eye gaze. The user’s gaze is detected and then functions like a mouse control for a computer. As the eye’s focus moves, so does the mouse and when the user blinks at an icon, it acts like a “double click” of the mouse and selects the icon. An icon can also be selected by prolonged fixation on the icon.

One major difference about the EC7T and its competitors is the fact that is device is wearable.  That means there is more pinpointed detection of the eye gaze  and there is more free range motion since the camera isn’t attached to a stationary object like a computer. The glasses frame uses mounted cameras to not only track pupil and eyelid movements but also head movements for ever more versatility. It even has the capability to track one eye separately, or both simultaneously. The “glasses” have all cameras, sensors and lighting inside the plastic frames to make them comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. Demonstration videos are available for viewing.

With the invention of the EC7T, Eye-Com Corporation hopes to change lives and create a distinct freedom that was never possible before this device. The company hopes to inspire individuals to overcome obstactles of their condition and offer an effective means of communication.

Eye-Com Corporation is dedicated to advancing eye tracking technology through research and development of products. Eye-Com aims to give people a way to communicate by blinking of the eye. The company was founded in 1998 by Dr. William Torch with revolutionary technology that helped a quadriplegic who could only move his eyes.

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