GazePlay Opens Up the World of Gaming

GazePlay opens up a wide world of gaming for poly-disabled people with limited use of their limbs or voices. The free, open-source software grants users access to nearly 60 games playable with an eye tracker. GazePlay works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Moreover, it can be used with all eye trackers that allow mouse movement. […]

Former NFL Player Uses Microsoft Surface to Communicate and Inspire Others

September 25, 2006 was the reopening night of the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the area.  Former NFL player Steve Gleason will always be remembered for this night, one of the most dramatic moments in New Orleans Saints’ history, when he blocked a punt against the Atlanta Falcons, which was recovered in […]

Eye Tracking Technology Allows for Effective Communication for People with Paralysis

Researchers at Eye-Com have created a wearable device, the EC7T, that can detect eye movement and turn it into an effective tool for communication. The device uses infrared light sensors to detect the location of the user’s eye gaze. The user’s gaze is detected and then functions like a mouse control for a computer. As […]