INDATA Publishes iPhone, iPod and iPad Assistive Technology Apps Resource List

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If you’re a loyal follower of the INDATA Blog, you know that we are crazy about Apple products. We’re also crazy about downloadable assistive technology applications for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. After a lot of research and many trials, we’ve created one comprehensive list of apps that we recommend to use for assistive technology purposes. We’ve got an entire page on our website dedicated to listing AT apps. The apps are sorted based on what service they provide. New applications are constantly being created, so if you discover any more apps you think are worthy of being on our list, shoot us an email at

During our research process, we found another great resource, Scribd, for learning about assistive technology apps for Apple products. You can find their list of recommended apps for special education here.

Thanks for you continuous support of the INDATA Project!

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