HIMS Announces First Voice Recognition DAISY Player

On July 5, HIMS Inc. introduced the industry’s fist voice recognition DAISY player.  A DAISY player is a device that assists people who are visually impaired or have difficulty interacting with print documents. People that benefit from using a DAISY player could be people who are blind, people with muscle degeneration and others.  A DAISY player is a compact device that functions similar to an audio book. The difference is that DAISY players have ways of navigating the device because a lot of information can be stored on the device.

HIMS released an update for its version of a DAISY player, BookSense XT.  This advancement allows users to speak to the device and command it do to certain tasks. The voice recognition capability is available via a free firmware download to existing users of the HIMS BookSense XT. This change is a revolutionary achievement because DAISY players have never had this type of capability before.  HIMS BookSense players are stylish and compact and not bulky like other DAISY players. This makes this device more attractive to users, because it doesn’t appear like a device is for a person with disabilities.

HIMS is a company that researches, develops and manufactures assistive technology for people who are blind or visually impaired.

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