Tecla Shield: Hands-free control of smart devices

Assistive technology can make things more convenient for some, but for others it makes things possible!  Smart devices have indubitably helped thousands of individuals with special needs communicate, control switches, and so much more.  However, some individuals with upper-body mobility impairments aren’t able to operate their smart device(s) independently.  This is where the Tecla Shield comes in. […]

INDATA has 1,500+ Assistive Technology items in Loan Library

The INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads has an assistive technology loan program.  We offer a variety of assistive technology devices for loan throughout the state of Indiana. These short-term loans assist our clients in making informed decisions about the assistive technology they might use at work, school or home. Equipment includes devices for people with visual, cognitive, […]

HIMS Announces First Voice Recognition DAISY Player

On July 5, HIMS Inc. introduced the industry’s fist voice recognition DAISY player.  A DAISY player is a device that assists people who are visually impaired or have difficulty interacting with print documents. People that benefit from using a DAISY player could be people who are blind, people with muscle degeneration and others.  A DAISY […]

What Video Chatting Means for the Deaf Community

Last week Facebook announced another adaptation for the social networking website. Through a partnership with Skype, a free video chatting service, Facebook users will be able to video chat friends through the chat feature. Due to high demand, the plug-in isn’t available for all Facebook users yet but soon will be. It’s easy to use because […]