TextSpeak Talking Keyboard assists with Communication

TextSpeak is an augmentative communication device that does not require a personal computer or buttons with pictures to operate. Many other augmentative communication devices need a computer or are made for younger children with programmable phrases that are represented by illustrations. The TextSpeak talking keyboard requires no computer connection and has no set up. This device is designed for people who are vocally impaired and have speech limitations. It also works well for people who may have just been released after an operation and need a new means of communications.

This intelligent speaker and keyboard combination creates speech anywhere with the touch of a finger. It has unlimited vocabulary because the user types their own words. However, the device can be programmed with 30 phrases and is available in both female and male voices. TextSpeak turns on instantly and is simple to use.

The device is lightweight and available in wired or wireless versions. TextSpeak is also available in different sizes for even more customization. You can purchase the medium size, a slightly bigger product with larger keys or a palm version that is much smaller. It does require batteries to operate and one set is included in the purchase.

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