TextSpeak Wireless Speech Generator Keyboard

There are several AAC devices available on the market, but the TextSpeak’s affordability and unique features set it apart from others.  There are three sizes of keyboards available in the TextSpeak series: Mini/Palm, Standard, and Large Key.  The TextSpeak Large Key Wireless Speech Generator Keyboard features a speaker and keyboard with keys twice the size of […]

TextSpeak Speech Generator Keyboard

  TextSpeak is a simple, yet powerful keyboard device that generates synthesized speech. Battery powered and portable, it speaks with unlimited vocabulary.TextSpeak text-to-speech keyboard converts text to voice while you type. This assistive technology device is useful for people who may have limited mobility. It is a completely integrated DSP technology that works without a […]

TextSpeak Talking Keyboard assists with Communication

TextSpeak is an augmentative communication device that does not require a personal computer or buttons with pictures to operate. Many other augmentative communication devices need a computer or are made for younger children with programmable phrases that are represented by illustrations. The TextSpeak talking keyboard requires no computer connection and has no set up. This […]