FUSE, bringing families together


Learning to live with a disability takes support, encouragement and the dedicated time of family, friends and professionals. Making sure no family has to go through that process alone is the mission of one Indiana non-profit organization. Families United for Support and Encouragement, FUSE for short, serves as a resource for families who do not know where to turn when their child receives a disability diagnoses.

Denise Arland, the founder of the organization, told Regis Philbin in a Hallmark Heroes interview that she wanted a way for parents to meet and come together. She wants people to know that these children are going to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

“What I learned was, that our challenge as parents is to make sure that our children participate in their community, just like their peers do,” Arland said.

The word disability can be scary. Most parents do not understand what is happening to their child and can feel hopeless in the situation. FUSE seeks to act as a resource and as a group of caring individuals who understand what it feels like to have a child with a disability and will do anything to help, even if they cannot answer a question, they know someone who can. While one cannot ignore the fact that their child lives with a disability, FUSE wants to make sure that parents and the community understands that children with disabilities are children first. Believing in diversity and involvement, the organization believes that emphasizing a child’s abilities will empower them to achieve their full potential, no matter what.

Whether you just want the information or want involvement, FUSE is there for you. FUSE offers many activities for children with disabilities and their families to take part in. From the annual family picnic, to community awareness activities and regularly scheduled expert talks, the organization wants to provide as much information and support as possible. There are many benefits to becoming a member of FUSE, the atmosphere invites friendly conversation, as well as welcoming faces and a resource library of books, magazines and videos about raising children with disabilities, just to name a few! Be sure to check out their Calendar of Events if you want to learn more.

FUSE wants to help families understand that there is life after disability and that life is great.

Need more information? Contact the organization at 317.462.9064