Dragon speech software adds apps to the mix

Today, we are using our computers and phones for everything. We use them to surf the web, send e-mails, get directions, and even check our bank statements. However, if your mobility is limited or if you find typing on the keyboard/keypad to be difficult, interaction with these devices is a chore and no longer an efficient experience. With Dragon Speech Recognition, interacting with the computer or phone becomes easier and faster. Your phones and computers can once again become your connection to the outside world, just by using your voice.

Now available for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch and Android, Dragon seeks to make its technology available no matter where you are.
• Dragon Dictation – allows you to speak and instantly see your e-mail or text messages.
• Dragon Search – provides a way to search online content on your iPhone and iTouch using your voice
• Dragon for Email – email dictation application that allows you to speak and view your emails instantaneously
• FlextT9 for Android – four in one keyboard experience that allows you to Speak, Trace, Write or Tap input

Whether you are using Dragon on your computer or phone, the voice recognition and accuracy improves over time. The more you use the software, the more accurate it becomes.

Tell Dragon what you want it to do and the computer responds. For example, you could say “Open Microsoft Word” or “Close Tab” and Dragon will take care of the rest. By removing the mechanical aspects of typing or handwriting, Dragon removes the barriers that would normally keep individuals with mobility impairment from expressing their thoughts and ideas. The following video provides a demonstration on how Dragon works.

Dragon How-to Demo

In addition to dictation, Dragon can also help with articulation and pronunciation problems. Students, who have difficulties with these speech issues, can use the software to complete daily tasks, while at the same time practicing their speech and sounds. If a repetitive stress injury, for example, from typing, caused your lack of mobility, using the Dragon will help to ease the pain and discomfort of using a keyboard.

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