Friday Podcast – Assistive Technology Holiday Shopping Guide – Podcast

Information from the INDATA Project is now available via podcast! Every Friday, the INDATA Project will release two podcasts featuring new assistive technology projects. The podcasts are available for viewing on the INDATA Project website and on iTunes. The “Assistive Technology Update” is a fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts. The “Accessibility Minute” is designed for all listeners to provide assistive technology tips and tricks.

This week’s Accessibility Minute covers: Assistive Technology Lending Libraries

This week’s Assistive Technology Update breaks from our regular format and we cover all kinds of assistive technology holiday shopping gifts.

Listen to our Assistive Technology Holiday Shopping Guide Show

Here are the links to the gifts we cover:

coin abacus for learning to count money
Ask me about autism t-shirt
Autism puzzle piece tie
touched by autism jewelry
Livescribe smart pen
Leapfrog durable tablet
Amplified phone
Sonic Bomb clock
Easy Blue switch adapted headset
foot stool for reaching things in cabinets
Pyramid reader
Wheelchair accessible van
Bigtrack trackball
Big Keys Keyboard
Rifton trike
lock laces (no-tie shoe laces)
Checker/Chess Set
Travel organizer
Money organizer/wallet
Braille Scrabble (Tiles only)
Low vision watch
Soccer ball with bells (also football and basketball)
Colorino color identifier
Voice controlled travel alarm clock
Large print crossword puzzles
talking meat thermometer
talking penguin clock
iPhone gloves
boil alert
Accessible hot potato game
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