Fleksy for iOS

Imagine texting on an iPhone without being able to see it. Fleksy allows users to type text on the familiar keyboard layout, by tapping on the screen. According to Flesky.com, ” our patent pending technology does not need accuracy – just tap on the screen and Fleksy will automatically detect the text you meant to enter – even […]

Bluetooth Speakers as Voice Amplifiers

Sometimes, pieces of technology that are created for the general population can also be used for people with disabilities. Aluratek bluetooth speakers are one of those devices. These devices are designed to amplify music coming from your tablet or smartphone, but they could also be used for hands-free talking from your smartphone. That feature is […]

Focus 14 Blue

The Focus 14 Blue can be used to control your PC and enter Contracted Braille. Advanced navigation features allow for fast movement through documents with efficient hand movements. It combines a responsive 8-dot keyboard with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity in a pocket-sized design. You can read text messages, navigate your smartphone screen and enter […]

Monday Tech Tip: Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

  Carol Girt, an Equipment Specialist, at the INDATA Project explains and demonstrates the uses of the Talking Monitor made by MABIS. Having trouble viewing the video? Click here! Click here to visit our archived videos.

3 Apps for the Hard of Hearing

Sign 4 Me for iPad  Sign 4 Me assists in learning American Sign Language (ASL) and translates words and phrases into ASL. Users can type in words and sentences and watch the 3D avatar “sign” those words and phrases. Sign 4 Me can be used as a learning tool for kids and adults alike as it’s […]