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There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps for the iPhone and other IOS devices. With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to pick which really do their job. The game gets trickier when you are a person living with a disability. The following list is a compilation of apps that are useful from areas like deaf and hard of hearing to cognitive issues to food allergies.

iComm-Free (iPhone)

Designed by a father with a disabled daughter, this app is ideal for both young children who can’t yet speak and children with disabilities. The child can choose what they need by looking at a set of images, for example if a child is hungry they can choose a banana.

Parking Mobility-Free (iPhone)

This app makes finding disabled parking places so much easier! By using the iPhones GPS capabilities, the app can clue you into the closest available spot. The more you use it and and update it, the more it helps others because you can mark accessible parking sports that are not currently on the map. You can also report violations of disabled parking abusers.

Sign Smith ASL Essential-$.99 (iPhone)

There are multiple versions of this app, the $.99 version offers over 100 signs for ASL words that you can use to learn sign language. Each word is accompanied by an animated person showing how to complete the sign movement. The Lite version is free and offers 20 words and the Ultimate version offers 1200 words for $4.99.


This app, while still in the early stages translates a hearing person’s voice into text during a phone call. Deaftel users can read and respond to the message with their keyboard. An animated figure informs users informs the recipient has picked up the phone and ended the call. Stay tuned, this app is sure to evolve with time!

Tap Tap– $2.99 (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

The app is designed to produce alerts when loud noises are made around the phone. The phone will begin to vibrate and flash alerts if there has been a loud noise or someone speaks in your direction. This app could be useful because it would help a user identify a knock at the door, an alarm sounding or that they are being addressed.

SoundAMP Lite-Free (iPhone, iTouch)

This little app does big things. Voted a top five medical app in 2010, it turns your iPhone into a listening device. It’s discrete and easy to use, simply plug in your buds to hear your friend, a lecture or your favorite radio station.

Food Additives 2-$3.99 (iPhone)

For some, consuming certain additives can be extremely hazardous and since so many foods these days have additives, it’s critical to know what is safe to eat. The app features a database of 450+ food additives and foods that contain them which is entirely self contained, which means no internet connection is needed to use it.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Reference-$.99 (iPhone)

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 it gave all Americans the same rights, regardless of disabilities. The law, although helpful, is complex. If you’re frequently in positions where you need to cite the law or want to have a handy way to reference it, this app will help. It’s formatted into sections, just like the real bill, and includes several FAQs.

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