Squishy sounds…the Skoog

Courtesy of Skoogmusic.com
It’s squishy, it’s square and it’s smashable…any idea what it could be? Try the next great musical instrument for children with any combination of cognitive, physical or behavioral difficulties , the Skoog. Ideal for therapy, fun and creativity the Skoog makes playing and experimenting with music accessible for all.

Between 2003 and 2005, The Tapestry Partnership, out of Scotland, wanted to make something that would change the way children with profound physical and learning challenges engaged in learning. In collaboration with NESTA and The University of Edinburgh, Skoog was born. This new invention had three main objectives:

1. to use a universal interface that could sense fine or limited movements of the body, to make the instrument available to people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities
2. to promote a way of understanding and interpreting the musical meaning and expressivity of movement
3. to encourage a way of communicating this meaning and expressivity to a new, flexible and beautiful source of musical sound, offering the opportunity for learning, progression and profound creativity

By early 2008, the project had created a prototype instrument and by 2010 Skoogmusic was off the ground. It’s a bit magical in the sense that it can morph into virtually any instrument desired. From the flute to the electric guitar, anything is possible and can be played by any part of the body, making it great for children of all ages and abilities.

Shaped like a cube, with multicolored spheres on each side, the Skoog is robust and durable, and can respond to the hardest of hits and the softest of taps. In order to use it, simply plug the Skoog into the computer via the USB port and start to jam. The creators of the Skoog have even developed a software program that allows users to play with background music and along with well known songs. No need to be a professional musician with the Skoog, just be ready for a good time.

If you are interested in purchasing a Skoog, be sure to visit the site to view a location near you!

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