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There is no place like home. But for some senior citizens, home is no longer a place that is safe or accessible due to their age, mobility issues or sickness.

One company is seeking to change this. “Stander” is a company specializing in mobility solutions for the home and daily life. Whether it be a caddie for the car or a bed rail, “Stander” has many products that will help to make the home of a senior citizen safer and more trusting for everyone involved.

The following is a list of products, broken down by category, that can provide help in a variety of situations and places for people of older age, people with mobility issues and even young children.

Bathroom Safety

Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar: This floor to ceiling structure features a curved bar that allows for an easy grip and locks in place at every 45 degree angle. This pole is adjustable, portable and requires wall mounts for easy installation, perfect for getting in and out of the tub, etc.

The Curve Grab Bar: This bar is a shorter version of the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar and protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easier. It must be secured to the wall, but is also space saving.

Safety Bed Rails

Bedside Econorail: This small, yet incredibly useful, bed rail allows for easy transfer in and out of bed, is light in weight and strong, collapsible and portable. The rail also features a four-pocket organizer and snaps together quickly for easy assembly.

Safety Bed Rail with Padded Pouch: This rail is longer in size and prevents users from falling from bed and can be used for assistance sitting up in bed. The rail features a safety bumper pad with four convenient pockets per side and pivots down to side of bed to allow user to get out of bed and provide space for making the bed.

Children’s Safety Bed Rail

Much like the safety rail for adults, this rail is a bit smaller so as to match the body size of a smaller child. The rail features an eight pocket organizer, can be used to help prevent falling and can help kids get in and out of bed. A great way to help a child transition from a crib to a bed.

Couch and Chair Safety

Assist-A-Tray: This nifty tool stands upright from the floor, mounted by super secure rubber pads, and features a safety handle at the top that makes standing and sitting easy and safe. The bar features a swivel tray with cup holder and utensil compartment.

Lever Extender: This extension attaches to the existing lever on the recliner or other piece of furniture, making the handle within reach and adding leverage to make the raising and lowering the leg rest easier.

Vehicle Related

Car Caddie: This piece of equipment provides assistance for users getting in and out of the car. Simple roll down the window and put the end of the Car Caddie strap around the top of the window frame, snap the buckle in place to secure and roll up the window. Easy to install and use, the caddie adds extra safety to standing up and down.

Handy Bar: This handle provides an extra grip for getting out of the deep seats of the car. To install, find the U-shaped metal piece on the vehicle door frame, insert the Handy Bar into that metal piece and use the Handy Bar has a handle.

For more products, information and instructional videos, visit the company’s website.

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