Tips and tricks for the iPad

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All evidence seems to suggest that the iPad is not going anywhere anytime soon. In order to make the most of this piece of technology and increase its staying power, here are 10 tips and tricks that will make using your nifty gadget easy to use. Before you know it, you’ll be the master of your iPad and captain of all accessible apps.

1. Create Folders: Not only will this keep you organized, but creating folders will minimize the clutter on your home screen. To create a folder, just tap and hold an app until they all start to jiggle, then drag the app over another icon and release. Your iPad will create a folder with both apps in it and name it, but you can always rename it.

2. Control iPad Notifications: Sick of annoying notifications? Simply go to “Settings,” “Notifications” and choose which alerts and accompanying sounds will appear.

3. Quick Volume Mute: With the advent of the iOS 4.3, Apple has provided a choice to use the lock switch to mute the sound or lock the iPad’s orientation. To quickly mute your iPad, press and hold the Volume-down button. Perfect for those situations where silence is golden.

4. Use an Apple keyboard: We here at the INDATA Project love using wireless keyboards to talk to our iPads and iPhones, you don’t even need to use an Apple keyboard. Any keyboard with Bluetooth capabilities will work just fine.

5. Add a Google Calendar: iPads come equipped with a calendar, but if Google calendars are more your style then here’s how you add one. In “Settings” open “Mail,” “Contacts,” “Calendars.” Add an account and tap on “Other.” Tap on “Add CalDAV Account and enter your Google Account credentials and you’re all set. Just exit “Settings” and get going.

6. Use a Smart Cover: Not just your average iPad cover, this guy puts your iPad to sleep when you close it and wakes it up when you open it.

7. Turn iPad caps lock on: In order to turn on your caps lock, simply tap either of the shift keys twice (double tap).

8. Hidden apostrophe key on the keyboard: Did you know the apostrophe key existed? Well it does and it lives on the ! key. In order to access it, just tap and hold the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear.

9. Dim your iBooks: For those of you who need to adjust the brightness and contrast of your iPad in order to use it, simply use the brightness slider on your iBooks app (located near the aA at the top of your book).

10. Street View in Maps: One of the iPads coolest features can be a little confusing to access if you don’t know where it is. To access Street View you need to have dropped a red pin on the map and then tape the red and white icon of a person to enter Street View.

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