Rest easy: remote monitoring increases independence

Courtesy of Google images For some, complete independence may be difficult or worrisome for others because of health problems, a disability or mobility challenges. Now, one company’s goal is to give back a little independence lost to these folks through a monitoring system that gives its users help when they need it and independence when they don’t.

Sengistix is a remote monitoring system that uses sensors to identify when things are okay and call for help when they are not. These sensors make the use of a caregiver more efficient because it identifies the times when they are needed most. Often times caregivers are present just to verify things happen as they should. For instance, Frank gets home from work at 4 p.m., comes in the house and does not let anyone in or use the stove until his caregiver comes at 5 p.m. to help make dinner. Or – caregivers are present “just in case” they are needed.

Both of these situations limit the individual’s independence, caregiver flexibility and can be costly.

The Secure Environmental Network Support, or SENS, provides the security of trained advocates monitoring activity, the system, alerts, power and internet connectivity 24/7. SENS works by incorporating the use of carefully selected and properly placed sensors in the person’s home and converts the home into an environment that can identify when a person might need assistance, changes in behavior that could indicate when a pending health issue and/or provide monitoring and reminders on important activities, like taking medications and getting up in the morning.

Sengistix personnel will help the individual identify areas of vulnerability in the home, health and behavioral conditions important to the support plan and circumstances when someone should be notified. Primary Advocates are also assigned to support every customer by making themselves available for questions, making needed changes and auditing services regularly.

In addition to this monitoring system, Sengistix can also monitor stove usage by installing a device that mounts near the stove. Stove Guard turns the stove off and sounds an alarm when no one is in the area of the stove for a preset time period, then turns it back on when someone returns. The guard can be purchased alone or part of Sengistix SENS services.

Finally, Sengistix also offers a Personal Emergency Response System, PERS, a traditional pendant that the user will push when he or she is in need of help. The user can modify the PERS to work with the sensors in order to keep the user safe, healthy and reminded of important events or daily activities.

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