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While caregivers are wonderful resources to have on hand, some individuals who need them may not need their services on a 24-hour basis. Telecare systems, such as Rest Assured, allow people living with disabilities to achieve a sense of independence while at the same time maintaining their privacy and having help at the touch of a button.

This monitoring system works well for adults who have cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities and seniors who want an alternative form of support to have having a staff person in their home full time.

By using a system of cameras that send live images to a remote location, Rest Assured is able to check in on the resident and make sure the environment is safe. In the event of an emergency, a qualified and trained professional is available to address the situation and provide guidance and care as needed.

There are five levels to the support offered by Rest Assured:

Active Support– continuous support for up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Drop-In-Support – Telecaregivers check in at specified intervals.

Emergency Support – response only when emergency watch sensor is activated.

Family Support – family access to communicated with loved ones at anytime via any computer with internet access.

Personal Emergency Response System – a pendant worn around the user’s neck can be used to alert a Telecaregiver in the event of an emergency.

Personal safety is not limited to just physical ailments with Rest Assured. For instance, monitors can be placed on doors and windows and around stoves that sound an alarm when they are opened or being used, so the person in home is aware at all times.

Carbon monoxide monitors can also be installed. In the event CO2 is detected in the home, Rest Assured can be notified and the Telecaregivers can ensure the situation is safe.

In most situations, the Rest Assured caregiver can provide the assistance needed; however, if necessary, a second staff person is dispatched to provide quick on-site assistance or emergency services may be contacted.

One feature that makes Rest Assured unique and individualized, is the two way Interactive Media Display system that allows the person in the home and the Telecaregiver to have a conversation, face to face, via the internet.

Technology is making it easier to achieve independence no matter your ability. For more information, be sure to visit the Rest Assured website.

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