Spring is in the air, time to get outside

With the number of sunny days increasing and the temperature rising, it’s getting harder and harder to stay inside. Along with the simple pleasures of the beginnings of baseball season, popsicle weather and nights spent looking at the stars come fun activities that get people outside and closer to nature.

There are many activities available out there for those with disabilities. The following list are just a few to help kids be kids, even helps those big kids be kids!

Adaptive Bikes: Riding a bicycle or tricycle is one of the fondest memories most children have growing up. The same can be true for children with disabilities. These bikes make it possible because they have adapted support features to help children and adults sit and pedal themselves. Depending on your needs, some bikes can be fitted with straps, or even come with them, for added safety and peace of mind. Some even have a handle on the back for easy steering and are available in tandem models.

Adaptive Fishing Equipment: Many find fishing to be incredibly peaceful, centering and a somewhat religious experience. For those fishing fanatics who happen to have disabilities, there are different kinds of equipment and techniques out there to help you get back in the boat and out on the water. For instance, “The Anglers Aid” allows you to grip the rod comfortably with one hand, it’s adjustable and can be attached to the belt or chair. “The Strong Arm” is ideal for anyone who has a weak grip, can be worn over or under most clothing and one size fits all.

Adapted Water Sports: It isn’t quite time to grab swimsuits and head to the lake for a day of fun, but it never hurts to dream. One Indiana organization, the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana is helping to make sure that those with disabilities stay active by offering many outdoor activities, including adapted water skiing. The folks at BUSCHY Waterskis have a line just for beginners called the BMF Beginner Sit-Ski designed specifically for those who are just starting out. Be sure to check out the full line here!

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  1. It really is so amazing to see how much the world has adapted to make it easier for people with disabilities to live a normal life. I personally have a kid with a disability and whenever I find out about things that he can do it is a blessing.

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