EARs turns Apple products into Hearing Aid


Image courtesy of ear-machine.com

EARs turns your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a hearing aid. This app amplifies the sounds around you in real time and allows you to easily shape its tone so you can hear clear, crisp speech. You can adjust the sound and tone of each ear simultaneously or shape each ear independently.

EARs picks up the sound around you using the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s built-in microphone, the microphone in your Apple earbud or your bluetooth microphone. Next, the product processes those sounds, adjusts them and sends them to your earbuds/headphones. The adjustments to the sound happen in real time, so there’s no time delay in hearing what someone is saying to you.  If you’d like to adjust the earbuds sound so that each ear hears a different tone, you simply click one button and then adjust each ear as you need. With EARs you can find the right tone and volume quickly because it is controlled by moving your figure around the touch screen.

EARs is available in the Apple iTunes store and can be downloaded for $3.99. You can watch a short video demonstration here.

With EARs’ innovative interface, improving the sounds is as easy as moving one finger. EARs can be helpful when you are having a hard time understanding a conversation in a loud room, or when you want the television to be louder without bothering others.

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