Deep Pressured Weighted Products for Kids with Autism

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These fun new “plush” weights that sit on shoulders and nuzzle around necks are great for calming kids. This self-regulating tool provides deep pressure on a child’s shoulders and can be highly effective in helping to calm and focus childrens’ nervous systems. The 2.2 lb., 21″ snuggly animal shaped plush toys come in different colors with a fun printed fabric on his belly. They also work for sitting on someone’s lap too! These products are surface washable and available for purchase at

Kitty Cuddles is a black plush colored material that looks like a cat draped around your shoulders. The 2.2 lb., 21″ snuggly Kitty Cuddles comes in black with fun kitty print fabric on his belly.

Snuggle Snake is shaped like a snake that is woven around your shoulders. This extra soft ‘n furry 2.5 lb. plush weighted snake is 34” and features embroidered eyes and hypo-allergenic poly-pellet filling.

Puppy Hugs is the newest member of the “plush” weight family!  This lovable 23″, 2.8 lb. pup made of  brown plush with a fun doggy print on his belly is another self-regulating tool for kids.

The Moose Masseause  is 15″ X 17.5″, 2.8 lb. fluffy soft brown moose is made totally of rich furry plush with two sets of extra long weighted legs that cuddle childrens’ chests with calming deep pressure. This snuggly Moose is the largest and furriest of the weighted plush friends.

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